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Presentation Panel 2005

In 2005 Kirklees celebrated 50 years of the twinning of Huddersfield/Dewsbury with the French town of Besançon.

Some of the members of the club were involved in the production of this panel.

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Woodcarvers in the Huddersfield Technical College non-vocational class were on the lookout for a new project so, when newly appointed tutor, Mike Hadfield, read in the Huddersfield Examiner that Kirklees Twinning Officer, Chris Rowe, was looking for something unique to present to twin town Besançon he offered the services of his class to produce a panel of carvings depicting scenes of local interest. Chris recommended that the Council should agree.


The design of the panel was worked out by a group of carvers led by Dennis Farmer, Bryan Hodgson, Norman Shaw, Terry Thorley-Lawson and Jim Wrathall. There were not enough carvers in the Technical College class so Mike enlisted the help of the U3A class at All Saints' High School, tutored by Malcolm Till, and it became a very successful joint project.


Every participating woodcarver was given a piece of lime wood, cut to size, and photocopies of a view of a Kirklees 'landmark' or an activity that takes place within Kirklees - cricket, rugby, walking etc. Some woodcarvers provided their own photographs and drawings of chosen subjects. Much guidance was given to the less experienced carvers by the 2 tutors and by other more experienced carvers.

The deadline for the carvings to be completed 'in the white' was 20 July 2005. Bryan Hodgson made and assembled the frame and mounted the carvings in August and Norman Walsh carved the lettering on the frame.

The panel was presented by the Mayor of Kirklees to the Mayor of Besançon at a Civic Ceremony on Friday 7 October 2005 in Huddersfield Town Hall. It was then installed and unveiled at Besançon Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall) in November 2005.Woodcarvers Mike Hadfield, Bryan Hodgson, Dennis Farmer and Jim Wrathall were guests of honour.



Research for the booklet, which accompanied the panel, was undertaken by Neil Simpson. Photographs were taken by Mike Hadfield and the booklet was produced by Danny Zepeda of Huddersfield New College.


If you are in Besançon, do find time to view the panel. It is on show at:



Mairie de Besançon, Service Formalités Administrative, 2 Mégévand, Entrée C, Besançon.


1 Hikers 9 18 Eric Schofield
2 Dewsbury Town Hall 15 12 Dennis Farmer
3 Organ 15 12 Bryan Hodgson
4 Viaduct 6 15 Margaret Myatt
5 Castle Hill 15 9 Dennis Farmer
6 Dumbsteeple 9 6 Ken Taylor
7 Cricket Scene 9 9 Anne Allan
8 Kingsgate 15 9 Mike Hadfield
9 Cloth Hall 9 9 Neil Simpson
10 Scammondam 9 15 Frank Greenwood
11 LB/Queens Square 9 12 John Murphy
12 Hammond's Yard 9 9 Mary Stott
13 Hartshead Church 9 12 David Holt
14 Pack Horse bridge 6 9 Trevor Kilvington
15 Turnbridge 15 9 Arthur Brook
16 Rugby Scene 9 9 Graeme Richardson
17 Tunnel End 6 15 Norman Shaw
18 Rose 6 6 Liz Willoughby
19 Galpharm 9 18 Jim Wrathall
20 Bat Gate 12 9 Mike Hadfield
21 Station 9 18 Trevor Metcalfe
22 Coat of Arms 12 12 Jim Wrathall
23 University 12 9 Dennis Farmer
24 Miner's Lamp 9 6 Mick Wilson
25 Almondbury Club 9 12 Terry Thorley-Lawson
26 Frame Lettering     Norman Walsh
27 Frame and Assembly     Bryan Hodgson